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Moibhe 17.04.2013 09:16

Werewolf Moibhe, at your service. I currently lead the Hawksong pack if anyone's looking for a well kept group. I've been getting a bit tired of running out of energy so quickly, so I thought I would come and chat up the forums for once.

What's new, pups?

:bd: Dunno what this means, but it looks like me when I'm trying to fit in with my American friends. So there you have it.

Ellyca 17.04.2013 09:31

:bd: is something like "Yoo/ Wazzup" or somthing that's a bit like 'cool' stuff or whatever

Anyway, welcome to the forum Moihbe :)

Moibhe 17.04.2013 12:22

I see. Well, that's explained then, and thank you :]

Ellyca 18.04.2013 13:00

You're welcome ;)

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