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Améthyste 20.05.2016 09:26

hOI !
Hello :)

As you can read I'm Améthyste, a new french player who started a couple of days ago in the body of a vampire (w2). Watch out, hunters and werewolves : I'm here to drink all the blood I can.
Huge metalhead I come from S&F (tenshirok S1) and found this similar game, sounds cool.

I don't know, the forum seems empty, the game is empty too? :O

ZebraPerson 03.06.2016 15:37

Yes the game is VERY empty. Especially on s1 US. There are about 10 if not less active players on it. If you want to switch servers to join an active guild that's literally the top one (of all, and we're vamps).

Améthyste 04.06.2016 13:18

I guess I'm late to join the game ><
I already have seen the death of a server, it's sad..

And I'm in the W2, far from the US.

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