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Wolfling 20.09.2011 22:41

Stark Pack
Stark Pack, revised and updated ...

US server 1

Current bonuses (30 Oct):

Looking for a few good wolves ... any playstyle, but frequent players preferred. We are small and friendly, more interested in having a good time and helping each other out than in cutthroat competition. Also, maturity level is important. (Young age is fine, juvenile behavior is not.)

If you don't log in for a week or more, or reply to messages, I may assume you've abandoned the game and remove you. (You can always send a message first if you have a planned absence, or ask to rejoin when you return.)

Interested? Introduce yourself here, in forum private message, or in game mail to either Wolfling or Arya.

Nighthaven 26.09.2011 14:51

I would like to join your pack. I am level 13 currently, and my in game name is the same as my forum name.

lie 26.09.2011 15:56

Just a word of friendly advice. Library and Treasure will benefit your guild much more as they increase the benefit to themselves by allowing you to increase them again sooner. This is important as each upgrade makes it cost 1000 gold more to attack your guild.

Also, do not stockpile too much influence. It will make you a ripe and juicy target for stronger guilds. They will attack you hard and often to take it. Have members donate right before you need it. Once you are strong, attack weaker guilds and use theirs:)

Wolfling 28.09.2011 01:28

Thanks Lie. I had sort of guessed at the first part, but it's good to have it confirmed. (Our current upgrade levels are fortress:2, treasure:4, library:3.)

And I didn't know any of the rest, about how guild wars work. Other guilds can see how much influence you have? How?

I didn't know attacking cost gold, either. Do you get anything besides influence from attacking other guilds? If not, then I guess influence must become a lot more scarce at higher levels; right now gold is what's slowing down the upgrades, not influence.

Wolfling 28.09.2011 01:29


Originally Posted by Nighthaven (Post 571)
I would like to join your pack. I am level 13 currently, and my in game name is the same as my forum name.

Gotcha Nighthaven, and welcome. :)

Wolfling 30.09.2011 12:14

bumped: updated first post.

Wolfling 06.10.2011 04:16

bumped for first post update.

Wolfling 09.10.2011 08:55

Updated bonuses again. We are currently seven friendly, helpful wolves. Contact me or Arya in-game if you'd like an invite, or post to this thread.

Wolfling 15.10.2011 13:44

bumped for updates.

Cassiopeia 15.10.2011 18:09

Hello ^^ I'm a new player here, so excuse me if I seem really...newbie-ish xD Anyway, I'm a level 13 right now and I'm interested in finding a pack. If you have any more slots left, I would like to join :3 My game name, however, isn't the same as this one. Instead, it's TweetyBird. And life and school gets in my way of using the computer, but I promise I'll get on several times a week and most of the times during weekends.

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