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Malkav 20.01.2019 13:28

S1 Login Issue?
I cannot log in to; it gives no error, it just does not get into Bloodmoon :wall:

Is there a server dilemma or is something untoward afoot? :scared:

Pej 21.01.2019 01:37

Same for me

mhf 21.01.2019 04:45

It went down yesterday, 12.00 noon UTC for about 8 hours, then it worked...
I thought the problem was solved, but today it's not working again... :-(
Support doesn't work either, giving a "Try later, error 1" message...
Hope it is fixed soon.

Malkav 21.01.2019 13:27

I was able to get back into Bloodmoon a moment ago. So I am hopeful this problem is solved...

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