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Wild0 07.02.2019 02:04

Influence is the value of points i can use to support my order.

In the description of that value is says that you gain more money selling stuff. I haven't noticed that. Maybe I'm already on that 75% cap.

Are there more effects of that value?

Leander 07.02.2019 15:04

Without influence an item is 1,000 gold for example. With maximum influence it is only 750 gold. All items become cheaper with influence but still cost 75% of the default price or more.

mhf 07.02.2019 15:07

Hi Wild0,
in the description it says that it LOWERS prices demanded by merchants,
so you have a discount of up to 25% when you buy items...

If you notice in the shops, next to the price you must pay to get an item,
in parentheses there's the price you'd have to pay without the charisma discount.

Have a look at this thread written before the game's last update:

After the update, the formula to calculate the maximum discount you get is:
Level * 0.02 * Influence, capped at 25% of the item price...

Hope this helps!

Wild0 08.02.2019 02:33

so influence does nothing more? it has no impact on payments of tasks in the castle?

mhf 08.02.2019 11:51

No, influence does nothing more than lowering items price
and help clans upgrade faster their fortress, treasure, library...
Treasure on the other hand does what you ask, increasing gold reward
for castle missions by 1% per level...

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