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Lycanthrope 29.01.2012 09:29

Hall of Fame Query...
When I journey to the Hall of Fame, then go via the Factions tab to Lycans (in this case) to check on the Power rating of my Clan (Lycanthrope), I find that the rating is 100. We currently have 13 members. How and when does the Power rating increase? What does my Guild/Clan have to do to see this rating rise to dizzy heights?!

Rasheghra 29.01.2012 13:11

With some battles against other guilds it goes up, but you re losing some of your influence. We joined 3 wars with my guild it always decreased, maybe it was because it was the cheapest option, or it is about the influence of the enemy guild, dont know. Just create some wars

Karocet 29.01.2012 14:31

You shouldn't really be losing influence if you win a battle, you should be ganing it. What I've heard can happen is that if some players leave a clan, the clan loses influence and if enough leave, the clan's influence can go below zero. Now if that clan is attacked, the clan that beats them get 10% of this negative influence added to their total. This means their influence will go down!

You could say don't attack clans with negative influence, but the players could leave in the 3 hours between starting the attack and it happening.

Rasheghra 29.01.2012 17:32

Hmm so that is the reason, I also thought about that. Its weird to get their negative influence when you win :P its cheaper though. Anyways increase your power with battles mate

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