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Speed0741 20.09.2011 10:52

How to take a screenshot?
For novices :)

1. Press "Print Screen"/"Prt Sc"/"Prnt Scrn" ...
2. Open Paint
3. Press Ctrl+v ... or with right click on mouse paste your screenshot.
4. Save image. (.jpg / .png / .bmp ...)

Upload image:
1. Go to or (or something like this.)
2. Upload image.
3. Copy URL of the picture and paste it to your thread/post...

johnnyboy 11.10.2011 03:04

Man, I been on a computer since back in the day and never knew how to do this, thanks man, that's easy and kewl...

Bianca 30.01.2012 13:05

For some reason, it does not work for me if I use the left control+v and does work if I use the right control +v. Thanks for the information.

Karocet 30.01.2012 16:52

Here's instructions for Mac OS X.

Screenshot of whole screen:


To select part of the screen:

Capture a window:
Shift-Command-4, then press space, the cursor changes to a camera, select window with mouse.

The .PNG file will be on your desktop. The filename is "Screenshot date time" where date & time are the current date and time.

This is for the most recent version of OS X 10.7. Older versions didn't put the timestamp on, they just started at "picture 1" and then older still, they weren't in PNG format.

If you'd rather the image went in the clipboard, press control in addition to any of the above key combinations. Then paste in your favourite image editing program. If you don't have one, you could always use Preview and do File -> New from Clipboard.

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