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A click on "character" shows you an overview of your hero with his/her attributes, items, equipment, active potions and achievements. You can enter a character description if you want. If you have enough gold you can click on the + next to an attribute to increase its value.

  1. Blood stones

  2. Description (optional)

  3. Achievements:
    - Fights: battles won in the arena
    - History: missions completed (world map)
    - Honor: your highest honor rank (arena)
    - Missions: number of successfully completed quests (castle)
    - Work: completed working hours (gravedigger)

    All points are total points.

  4. Active potions (hover them to see how long they will last).

  5. Appearance.

  6. Armor. Your armor value can be up to 75%. The higher your level is, the more armor you need to keep a high % value.

  7. Skill points. Click the + to increase an attribute (if you have enough gold). Every + click raises the value by 1.

  8. Read the ToS again or view the imprint.

  9. Visit the official BloodMoon forum. It requires a seperate registration.

  10. Use the support form to contact our staff if you have problems.

  11. Log out.

  12. The different windows of the game.

  13. Endurance bar. The points are reduced when you go on a quest (castle) or lose an arena fight. The bar automatically increases by 4.16 points per hour (=100 points in 24 hours)

  14. Your equipment. Hover an item to view its stats.

  15. Your inventory. You can store equipment and potions here. Always have one free slot for quest rewards (castle) or mission rewards (world map).

  16. Use the arrows to change your appearance.

  17. Your current in-game appearance.

  18. Click to accept the changes.

  19. Choose the gender of your character.

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