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Here you can change your email address and password. You can also send the validation email again in case you have not already confirmed it yet.

  1. You can change your email address here.

  2. Change your password.

  3. Change your appearance.

  4. Deactivate all in-game animations.

  5. Delete your character.

  6. Click to validate your account.

  7. Change the sound volume.

  8. Hover the icon to view the current game version and your ID.

    Changing your email address:
  9. Your new email address.
  10. Confirm it.
  11. Your password.
  12. Click to complete the change.

    Changing your password:
  13. Your current password.
  14. Your new password.
  15. Your email address. Click to complete the change.

    Deleting your account:
  16. Your email address.
  17. Your password.
  18. Type CONFIRM in capital letters.
  19. Click to delete your account. Deleted accounts cannot be restored!

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