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  1. Visit Natasha's shop to buy jewelry and potions. If you need more endurance you can buy meat (werewolves), blood potions (vampires) or adrenaline potions (hunters) to get endurance back.
  2. Use drag & drop to buy what you need.
  3. You can click on "new stock" every 6 hours for free to fill the shop with new items or spend one blood stone to immediately swap the goods.

Improvement potions:
  • Experience potion, +25% more experience
  • Speed potion, 50% shorter quests
  • Potion of Might, all attributes +10%
  • Potion of Eternal Life, constitution +25%

    All improvement potions cost 5 blood stones each, last for 7 days and can be stacked. Their bonus is directly added to the total and not seperately displayed.

Endurance potions:
  • Werewolves eat meat
  • Hunters have adrenaline potions
  • Vampires drink blood

    Endurance potions increase your endurance by 20 points each, cost 5 blood stones and can be drunk up to 10 times a day.

Permanent potions for each of the 5 attributes (strength, dexterity, will power, constitution, charisma):
  • Small potion
  • Medium potion
  • Large potion

    These potions increase an attribute by 1 and cost only gold.

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