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Originally Posted by Roo View Post

I was thinking that too, but if I'm not mistaken, Vampire's have a higher Willpower than Werewolves (Who excel in strength) shouldn't that mean that my Curse gets a higher bonus from what Willpower I have, opposed to his roar, but his weapon damage should be greater. Doesn't make sense to me. Maybe my assumption is off.

If your curse was boosted to offset vampires cheaper willpower, there wouldn't be any point in giving different classes these differences as they'd cancel out.

From my rough formula for calculating curse, it is:

(level + 1) x willpower = curse

For your stats at the time of that fight, assuming you were level 39 at that time:

(39 + 1) x 370 = 14800


(45 + 1) x 333 = 15318

So he would win.

An example of my formula for your current stats on your profile:

(40 + 1) x 381 = 15620 (actual 15650, error = 30)

I know its not right, but its close.
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