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Hmm, still, by your math, if I had the same Willpower as the Werewolf, he still would of won the fight. Doesn't make sense to me that a Vampire's innate ability favors Willpower, but the werewolf gets a stronger "Roar" than I get with Curse.

*EDIT* Wow. Just realized, and re-read your math. It's the same formula. He is just 6 levels higher, and thus gets the advantage. Gotcha.

Can you tell I need sleep?

Still, would make more sense if the Vamp's Willpower check was (Level + 2) * (Willpower) = Curse, where a Werewolf or Hunter's would be (Level + 1) * (Willpower) = Roar/Hunter's Will Attack.

And to balance it, a Werewolf would have (Level + 2) * (Strength) = Damage to keep it "balanced"

Although I still would have lost, it would make more sense to me were those the equations, further solidifying a concept of "advantage" in those skills.


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