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Default Death of Bloodmoon 2020

Hey fellow Wolves, Vamps & Hunters!

I know we are at war, but at the peaceful grounds of the forum, we stay cool and can actually talk. Right?

I haven't been around here and in the actual game in literally years. But yesterday, I've accidentally found out about the sad news that the game is shutting down this year.

I must admit, what really intrigued me about Bloodmoon was the excellent artwork and the general Underworldly atmosphere and style, not really the gameplay itself, which is very simplistic and can get boring quite fast- even though the clan wars are a really cool concept which deserves developing.

I think the theme of werewolves & vamps would deserve a full fledged video game, not necessarily a huge 3D title, but still something somewhat more profound, but in the same cool style that Bloodmoon has.

Anyway, I just wanted to say it's kinda sad to see the game die rather than go on and possibly get updated and innovated and further developed into something really awesome, like a point & click based MMO, which would be awesome and I'd play that like mad.

So guys, let me wish you good luck and a little bit of darkness in your lives as light hurts us all if there's too much of it.

I'll be on my way back to my wolf pack in Venice W2 where we still have some unfinished business going on till the last day of Bloodmoon.


Just ditch Shakes & Fidget and go for Bloodmoon. Please?

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