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In the castle you are offered three quests at a time. Read the descriptions and take a look at the rewards (gold, experience, sometimes an item or a blood stone) and quest times. Choose the best quest for you. Wait for the timer to reach 0 and defeat the quest monster to get the rewards.

  1. Quest giver.

  2. Choose from three different quests

  3. that are described here.

  4. Accept a quest.

  5. Complete a quest to receive gold and experience. You can also get items and blood stones as a reward. If you are lucky, you might also find a potion.

  6. Your first quest.

  7. At the end of each quest an opponent awaits you. Defeat it to successfully complete the quest.
  8. Your opponent.
  9. Watch the fight or click the button to skip it.

  10. Your reward.
  11. Click to get your reward.

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