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Default Server Mergers - Discussion Thread


Today we would also like to talk about MERGING SERVERS. Just like you we definitely want to make server mergers possible. The problem is that it is not easy. We've asked one of our coders to give an insight into the current situation.

1) There will be conflicts with account and guild name duplicates.

2) All players must get new internal IDs and all data (messages, fight logs, guilds etc.) have to be adjusted accordingly. Because of the complexity of our custom data management, changing the internal records will be a lot of work and prone to failure.

3) Tracking and payment is based on a unique combination of player ID and server ID. These IDs would no longer be valid when merging servers and past transactions would be difficult to track.

If these problems are too difficult to fix or not safe enough, we will test if moving individual accounts to other servers is possible.

Some days ago we discussed possible mergers in Discord and asked you to share your opinions, ideas and suggestions. Thank you for your constructive and helpful feedback! We will take everything into consideration when finding a solution to the problem of merging servers!


Technically, server mergers are only possible with the new server backend we have been working on for about 10 months now (May 14)! We still need a minimum of 6 more months so the new backend will be finished by the end of the year (hopefully)...then we can focus on server mergers beginning with January 2022 (approximately)...but we will already start working on mergers later this (2021) year...those tasks we can look into without the new server backend being finished.

In short, we are working on the server backend and mergers, but don't expect it too early. Mergers are not possible with the current server backend.

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