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Originally Posted by Karocet View Post
If your curse was boosted to offset vampires cheaper willpower, there wouldn't be any point in giving different classes these differences as they'd cancel out.

From my rough formula for calculating curse, it is:

(level + 1) x willpower = curse

For your stats at the time of that fight, assuming you were level 39 at that time:

(39 + 1) x 370 = 14800


(45 + 1) x 333 = 15318

So he would win.

An example of my formula for your current stats on your profile:

(40 + 1) x 381 = 15620 (actual 15650, error = 30)

I know its not right, but its close.

I follow you. My brain is working on 3 hours of sleep last night, freakin' insomnia slapped me hard today.

But what I don't understand, is that Vampire's are said to gain 2 Willpower per level, as that's their "Specialty", Werewolves gain 2 Strength, as it's their specialty, and Hunters gain 2 Dexterity. It would seem to me that those strengths would be reflected by going to what those stats impact (Willpower -> Curse/Roar/Hunter, Strength -> Weapon Damage, and Dexterity -> Attack) So if these "Strengths" were true strengths, and not just an extra point you gain when you level. It seems silly to have claims of each Faction having a "specialization", because if it's TRULY a "Strength" / "Specialization" then in a fight with a Werewolf against a Vampire with equal Willpower, the Vampire should win out [In terms of the Willpower Check].

That would seem to make sense to me, doesn't make a whole lot of sense to not grant them full superiority in their respective "Strength"

And it'd be sweet to see "Goblins" come in, with Charisma bonus, and Dwarves/Orcs/Golems for the remaining Constitution Bonus


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