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Default Can I get suggestions, please?

This is the closest topic to what I wanted to know.

I am lvl 80 and an 26th in the hall of fame. I have put a great deal of time and effort in this game (I have no life LOL), I have a really excellent clan and have been very lucky.

Since all of the players above are much higher lvl (I check their stats) and are much more powerful than myself, and I don't want to get my butt kicked for no good reason (I try sometimes even though I know better, and sure enough get trounced). Every time I build up enough armor and stats to fight the most likely opponent, I have gone above them in ranking and can't fight them. This has been going on for about the last week. I am not complaining just explaining.

I would just really like a chance at a fair fight and to get past lvl 5 in ''Battles''. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Another question, the other opponents do fight me when I am not there, correct?

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