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^ what Zee said.

I love the fact that you're trying to help your game and community, but sadly someone needs to explicitly point out that this will never work.

1) About the only reason forums get used in games by the majority of a game's users is when something goes wrong. Servers crash, new patch messes things up... boom sudden influx of forum members, threads, and posts. Most of that activity dies down immediately once the bad thing gets fixed. Everyone else slowly waxes interest over time as more and more people leave and there is less and less reason to stick around on the forums.

2) After a certain point everything and anything that can possibly be said or suggested or complained about regarding a game will not only be done once, but rather a multitude of times until everyone is sick of reading the same old vomited threads regurgitated.

3) Even if a game company forces a false interest in the forums by awarding prizes that is not a good thing it quickly causes huge problems. Example: Imagine Playa games staff started posting threads wherein any player who responded on the thread was given a prize or put into a raffle or lottery for something good, that sounds good right? Except, it gives a HUGE advantage to larger groups and penaltizes everyone who plays alone or in small groups. After all, player A from a 25 member group spots a thread, suddenly informs all members in their group. Meanwhile player Z in a different group with only 5 members in it has no clue the event is going on, and none of the other 4 does either, and so doesn't enter. All this leads to is the bigger groups getting stronger comparatively than the smaller ones.

4) You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. You can lead people into making forum accounts, but you cannot make them actively contribute on the forums to multiple threads.

5) SPAM and other forms of abuse. It is an issue for any forum. If you somehow manage to make people want to post more, all it means is that there are more opportunities for spam attacks and trolling.

I could keep going but I should hope by now that everyone should have gotten the idea of why this will not work.

In closing, it is wonderful that you want to help this game and community, but frankly it is impossible.

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