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Originally Posted by lie View Post
Your losing honor because people below you, the vamp/hunters are taking bite out of you and eating pieces of your honor. Also if the person is far enough below you in honor, due to pockets of a particular class, they may not have passed you yet, so it may be a while before you get a shot back at them.
It's frustrating, cause I play and get myself down to say rank 33 and then when I leave and come back, I lose like 100 honor points, so all that time playn to get their, is wiped out, poof It's part of the game, it happens to us all I guess, I wanted to level up slowly and build a strong fighter.

I'm just building myself up and playn, I do win sometimes too, I stopped doing arena battles at the moment.

When that time comes, look out, cause I'm gonna kick their %&#$, lol.

Is it good that I'm ranked lower than everyone near me? I mean my stats are right their with most around me.

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