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Hi eclipsa,
indeed higher level gives a great advantage in the arena...
The level of a player is one of the variables in the algorithms the game uses to calculate the players attributes, so the higher the level, the better...

For example, let's take willpower which is easy to calculate :
The formula is: (Base willpower + items) * (level + 1) * 1.1 if there is an active potion of might.... (+10% bonus)

If two players, one level 150 and the other level 200 have exactly the same stats (let's say 1500 base will + 500 from items),
the first player's curse/roar/purify will be 2000*151*1.1=332200 while the second player's will be 2000*201*1.1=442200 !
This goes for dexterity and constitution too, of course with different formulae...

As for armor, it also plays a significant role...
You can check it here , Burnt has explained it perfectly some years ago...

Also, if you like have a look at this, also by Burnt...

Hope I helped, happy gaming!

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