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Hi Leander,

Indeed it is very theoretical, as you ask players if they like it or not, without
telling them what will happen, or at least what Playa thinks will happen or aims at.

I would like to ask a couple of questions...

First the "theoretical":
a. Does Playa think merging servers will solve the problem of no new players entering the game?
Noone will join a server where top players are 500+ or 1000+ lvl and continue playing in hope he will catch up in -say- 10 years...

b. You merge two servers, one with 100, the other with 50 active players (being optimistic here as I see servers with less than 10 actives...).
In a few months it will be the same, as people quit and there are no newcomers... You'll keep merging until... what?

Wouldn't it be better to try get new players in the game (advertisement, offers, changing a bit the algorithms so small levels advance faster, improving the gui and so on...)?

Then the practical:

a. I have accounts in many servers, and for argument's sake three of them are merged... What happens?
Do two of my chars get deleted, or am I allowed to play three accounts in the new server against the game rules?
How is either going to help the game? Please don't rush to say that's the exception, many players keep accounts in multiple servers.

b.When servers merge, what happens to inactives? Do we end up with servers of 200 actives and 200,000 inactives, or are they deleted?
If anyone decides to come back after a period of inactivity, what happens?

If you have any information on Playa's ideas or plans, please share them with us... ;-)
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