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The green arrow is just an indicator that an item has higher armor than the one equipped, or higher average damage in case it is a weapon...
If it has no armor or damage (amulet, ring, symbol), it means the sum of bonus skills given is higher...
It doesn't mean it's better, you should make the comparison and see if it is...

For example (numbers are approximate):
You are equipped with a belt that has 1995 armor, 350 stregth, 300 constitution.
A belt with 2000 armor and 550 willpower will appear with a green arrow when it is clearly worse,
while a better epic belt with 1900 armor, 300 strength, 300 dexterity, 300 constitution will be marked with a red arrow...

Also, "better" depends on your character's build and what skills you need to strengthen to beat your opponents...
If you lack dexterity and your opponents dodge your hits all the time, replacing an item that gives you dexterity with a "better" that raises two other skills
will only make things even worse...

So, green arrow = better item? No, not by any means... It's just a hint to check it twice before you decide to take the mission or not.

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