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Originally Posted by Karocet View Post
I know what you mean about different formulas for each type.

Just for fun, here's my attempt at damage formula. Only tested for vampires so far:

Damage = weapon_damage x (Strength + Level / 4) / 10

An example from a previous weapon I had:
Pistol damage 116-156, level 42, strength 424

Minimum damage = (116 x (424 + 42/4)) / 10 = 5040.2
Maximum damage = (156 x (424 + 42/4)) / 10 = 6778.2

Character screen damage: 5041-6780
Error: 0.8 - 1.8

Maybe not a good example as my strength was almost 10 x my level at that time.

Again not perfect, some times closer than others but give it a go.

Makes sense to me. I think that Playa should "Customize" the algorithms and give a SLIGHT Boost to characters based on their specialization.


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