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Default Traffic = ~0?

It seems to me that the forums are kind of lacking. Perhaps it is my limited perspective, but hardly any people are ever on, let alone post. This to me is sad, considering that, (also to me, and potentially only to me) the forum could be considered another part of the game. We play the game part, but this is the community part of it. This is where we talk and discuss things. This is where debates take place. Or at least it should be. Players should be encouraged to go to the forums to take place in the community atmosphere.

I think there should be incentive given to players to make an account on the forums and to participate. They shouldn't HAVE to post, or even HAVE to join, but it would be nice if something could be done to increase the traffic/posting.

I suppose some examples, or some such thing should be given to get the ball rolling.

For one, perhaps guilds that have proven themselves, and made a name for themselves, can be given their own forum space that only they can start threads in, and its up to them whether or not people are allowed to post in those threads. Sure, ppl are going to say 'they already have that in their guild'. Well to be completely honest, the chat in the guild kinda sucks, and having a forum space would be completely different. It would allow them to discuss clan battles or clan recruitment or clan advancements or whatever. It would be more convenient than mailing each other, and its way better than the little chat box that exists now, imo.

That one even I will admit seems a bit out there, but its a thought.

Perhaps it can be somehow be included that in the forums, this would be a part the company would have to play, but perhaps 'enemies' could message forum players randomly for fights. These enemies would be random npc bad guys, on par with the world mission bosses.

In the message, from the company, disguised as a request for a fight by an enemy, there can be a link that initiates the attack from the persons character to the enemy. Upon winning said fight, which wouldn't be easy, perhaps the character is given some kind of temporary bonus. Like a days worth of a random bloodstone item. For example a win would give your character 24 hours worth of -50% mission times, or +25 exp gain, or +10% attributes, or +25% vitality.

Also, the Challenge, like i already mentioned, should not be easy. Somehow the enemy should be 5 or so levels higher than the persons character, and with the same amount of overall stat points, just allocated randomly. That seems like a major coding pain in the posterior but i don't know, im not a coder.

Something like that would get more people to at least join and check the forums occasionally, which alone might be enough to increase posting; but maybe some other incentive in addition might actually get more to post. Not sure what that could be, maybe those who don't post a certain number of times per a certain time frame (EX: 5 posts a week) aren't in the running for the 'Challenge'.

Something like that is an even bigger pain than the first thing i mentioned, but it seems interesting, adds depth to the game, and would get more traffic into the forums. The reward doesn't have to be what I mentioned obviously, but something extravagant would be nice considering the proposed difficulty of the fight. Even if the thing i mentioned for the fight isnt feasible, somehow the creature should be hard; while at the same time not being a static strength so its super hard for some, and easy for others. It should be hard for everyone it attacks, and because of that thought, thats why i figured its stats and level should scale off of the person its attacking.

Sounded good in my head anyway.

I don't know, just something should be done to increase posting/traffic. I think the forum could be a nice side bar to the game. It doesn't have to just be some reference for when people are confused, it can be interactive, and a deeper part of the game where people truly act like a community.
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Thanks for those suggestions. We are always looking for ways to increase forum traffic. And while the forum has previously been more active than this summer is upon us and all games and forums such as this will suffer a bit. One thing everyone can help out with is get your clanmates on here. I have had a lot of people tell me they don't post because its dead, well if everyone thinks that way no one posts. So get on here and make threads whether they be suggestions or off topic banter. The more people post the more others are inclined to as well.
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Thing is, because the game is so simplistic, there's not a whole lot to say on it. All the game mechanics have been covered up and down, a ton of suggestions have been made, (most of which are in limbo) and there's really not much more to say, other than what ever is really going on in the off topic sections, or guild recruitment sections. Another thing is that with this idea is that some players will just come on here to post for the sake of some sort of reward, even when there's nothing important to say. I've seen players make some really crappy threads with no point as is. (Kind of surprised they're not deleted to be honest) The best solution in itself would be to get more players for the game I believe. However that's a hard challenge all in itself, and should really be addressed by Playa if they wanna make this game anywhere near as successful as their other ones.
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Liz Summers
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^ what Zee said.

I love the fact that you're trying to help your game and community, but sadly someone needs to explicitly point out that this will never work.

1) About the only reason forums get used in games by the majority of a game's users is when something goes wrong. Servers crash, new patch messes things up... boom sudden influx of forum members, threads, and posts. Most of that activity dies down immediately once the bad thing gets fixed. Everyone else slowly waxes interest over time as more and more people leave and there is less and less reason to stick around on the forums.

2) After a certain point everything and anything that can possibly be said or suggested or complained about regarding a game will not only be done once, but rather a multitude of times until everyone is sick of reading the same old vomited threads regurgitated.

3) Even if a game company forces a false interest in the forums by awarding prizes that is not a good thing it quickly causes huge problems. Example: Imagine Playa games staff started posting threads wherein any player who responded on the thread was given a prize or put into a raffle or lottery for something good, that sounds good right? Except, it gives a HUGE advantage to larger groups and penaltizes everyone who plays alone or in small groups. After all, player A from a 25 member group spots a thread, suddenly informs all members in their group. Meanwhile player Z in a different group with only 5 members in it has no clue the event is going on, and none of the other 4 does either, and so doesn't enter. All this leads to is the bigger groups getting stronger comparatively than the smaller ones.

4) You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. You can lead people into making forum accounts, but you cannot make them actively contribute on the forums to multiple threads.

5) SPAM and other forms of abuse. It is an issue for any forum. If you somehow manage to make people want to post more, all it means is that there are more opportunities for spam attacks and trolling.

I could keep going but I should hope by now that everyone should have gotten the idea of why this will not work.

In closing, it is wonderful that you want to help this game and community, but frankly it is impossible.

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Well, I wouldn't say impossible exactly, but I see your points. Also, i figured the reward, as it would only be given to one person per tiny contest thing, couldn't possibly reward anyone more than any others. Sure maybe cause that clan has more people, the chances of a person in that clan winning the reward would be greater, but in the grand scheme of the game, it would still just be one person with the reward.

As for people only posting when they want to whine, well that may be true. I'm kind of a forum rat, i like to use forums usually, and I have seen tons of sites where forums are used on a consistent basis, often conferring on things that are being restated or reimagined. Those were different sites though, so I suppose I shoudn't be thinking the forums should be working the same way on this one.

Just for one thing, people like to give their opinions. That's just something people like to do. People also like to discuss those opinions, and argue, two things being logical debate and mindless 'i'm right, you're wrong' scenarios. We have some of that here, but its just...slow. There isn't much to debate about on this game. Where should I put my stat points? Should I focus on gold or experience? Bla bla, game mechanics, bla. Those can be talked to DEATH. Does it get annoying? Yeah. Is it always relevant? Usually; as long as there are always newer players joining.

But there is so much people can discuss on here. The game is so much more than the wait 2-12 minutes here, and an hour here, and upgrading stats and your guild. There's a story behind every single character in this game, assuming the person playing has the imagination to create it. We can create character backgrounds, far more in depth than what fits in the character description box. We can post stories, of things your characters have done. Example: You were in a clan war, or even a normal arena battle; you want to write about it in an imaginative way, why not? There is no end to discussion when imagination is involved. There could be posts being the imagination aspect, and those who want to discuss the things that are written.

And theres the story line of the game itself, as slow as that may be to traverse. Its different I assume for all races, though it could not be. In any case, thats a story that can be discussed, critiqued, whatever.

There are always things to talk about, people just have to open their minds a little to see whats out there. I'm not saying that me mentioning this is gonna bring in more posters, but I can hardly say that the lack of posters is related to the lack of new things to talk about.

Idk. Guess Ill just have to get my forum fix someplace else, it just would have been convenient to get it here, since i play the game anyway.

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