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Liz Summers
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Default Stepping down as Purification leader

I tried to post this in-game to the members of our order. Unfortunately, the message size needed would have taken 3 letters which is bad enough, but due to the fact that leaders cannot just send 1 mail to all members of their group, that would have meant that I'd have to copy and paste 24 letters x3 parts for a total of 72 times. As such I am just posting it here, and will mail everyone simply a link to this forum post that even non-forum members can read I believe.

_______ Purification _______

Hello everyone, as promised I am mailing you today to explain what exactly is going on and perhaps more importantly why.

As some of you already know, in real life I have been struggling with some really nasty health problems. The good news is that the doctors have assured me that with continued preventative care they caught it early enough that I am not going to die. The bad news is that the preventative care is almost as bad as what I was experiencing.

The result of the treatment routine is that I have my good days and my bad days. The good days I can almost pretend there's nothing wrong as I am almost up to my old routines. But on the bad days I barely even make it out of bed during the entire day for more than a couple minutes. As a result of that I have been slipping on the time spent searching for new recruits, and research time for keeping track of enemy growth.

My options basically became to continue to lead and slowly become more and more of an absentee landlord type of leader. That would kill this group in my opinion so I needed to find someone willing and able to take over.

When I first started realizing that I was having difficulty keeping up my standard of leadership I tentatively asked around to feel out how the officers felt about taking over as leader. Every single one of the officers refused for various reasons. As my health continued to deteriorate I realized I'd have draft one of them for the job.

Seven has actually tried very hard to get me to stay as leader, so please no one blame him for my stepping down. The reasons I am passing the lead to him in particular is that he was one of the people in the original group even if he left us for a while, he has long been active at trying to help members of this order, he's consistently been one of the most common to initiate attacks when I could not, and he has long been active in trying to keep this game going.

But the most important factor for me in naming him my successor was the fact that when my potions lapsed, due to a prolonged period of bad days in a row, only two of our entire order noticed that fact or were willing to actually ask me what was going on. That kind of observation skills and willingness to ask the hard questions is something that a good leader needs. So time for some Q and A's.

Q) Are you quitting the game?
A) No. I'm definitely staying and will try to remain active in this order. I simply feel that your leader needs to be more consistently active than my health allows.

Q) Will the order be disbanding?
A) No. No. Hell no. Believe it or not but I am not the first nor even the second leader this group has had. As long as everyone continues to play, this order will survive me stepping down.

Q) I don't login much or I am low level will I be kicked?
A) No. Seven is in agreement with me that we need active players more than dead ones, and even if all you do is login once in a while to donate influence and join attacks you're still more valuable to us than dead accounts.

Q) Will there be any new requirements for donations with the new leader?
A) No. Seven completely agrees with me on the logic that our lower statted players will be better off using their gold on stats than on donating money. Both of us have in fact repeatedly asked people to stop donating because of that fact.

Q) Will there be any changes at all then?
A) Seven and Liz will swap positions on the list. That's really it.

Q) What will we do if Seven no longer is willing to do the job?
A) If that ever happens we'll find a new leader, and I will do my very best to act as an interrim leader until we can find someone. But hopefully this should not be a problem.

Q) Why have you announced the leadership change to people before it actually took place?
A) Both Seven and myself were worried that people would panic if suddenly a lead change occurred without warning. The notice was sent out early to give everyone time to speak up about any problems they have and to have their questions or concerns laid to rest without anyone suddenly noticing the change and panicking as a result.

If anyone who is a member of our order has any further questions not answered here then please mail me in-game.

Once she led a happy life... until vampires entered into it. Now it is her life's quest to rid the world of as many of the demonic beings as she can until the day some big bad has his 'one good day'.
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and good luck liz and look forward to seeing you back fit and healthy
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