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Default Greetings...

Dear Community

It's with great pleasure and pride, that I inform you of the following; Witherspoon has joined the community.

Surely it should be said, that Witherspoon have been participating for a few days. The reason for his sudden joining the community was to see what strange folk would venture in these dark woods. Surely, this world is not for the faint of heart - stalking the prey - whether you're a hunter, werewolf or a vampire.
Anyway I seem to be digressing.

I'm from Denmark as you might have noticed on the information from the left hand side *chuckles*
I apologise for any bad wording, spelling whatsoever, that might appear in this post. I try my hardest to make myself understandable, as I seem to have trouble with the english language. Sometime I seem to forget how to use grammar or write the proper word. Luckly I am happy with getting corrected, in regards to spelling and grammar.

For my reason to join the game community, there can only be said one simple thing; Interaction.
That is a huge part of being in a game like these, specially considering that I still have not yet decide, nor have I taken my time, to join a guild.
I know that I am missing out on a few features not joining a guild, fact of the matter is though that I am not sure that I will be of any use to the progress in the guild given my awkward ways of playing. In any case, I am playing as a Vampire on the Danish version of the game.

So there you have it. Newcomer of some sort annoucing their arrivale to the community.
On a side note, I tend to play at awkward hours, so you'll never know when I might pop into the forums.

Thank you for your time reading.
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welcome to our little community, your english is pretty good
The Elite Order on and
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Welcome Witherspoon!
I like Denmark, I've been there several times. Though I still can't speak a single word Danish
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Welcome to the game, Witherspoon. I hope you enjoy your time here, and I share your reason in joining for interaction. I was actually pretty lonely and depressed when I started playing. At the time, I did it to pass the moments that I couldn't stand to deal with, but now it's just a habit to get on, take care of business, make sure my pack members are doing alright, and hop off until later.

Every now and then, a slow pace game is quite nice :]
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Welcome to the forums. Oh, do so wish you were a werewolf, you are so cute I would just drag you off to my pack in a flash! Hope you enjoy playing!
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