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Liz Summers
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The combat engine for this game is very... quirky sometimes. It randomizes the attack order, but it does not really do it. Instead a certain random player will be magically moved out of position and into a different position in the order, only it is the exact same player from your group every single time, and every single time they will fight in an exact position.

As DeathWish stated in his post, In Purification we have 25 people, and among them DW is either the best or 2nd best player in terms of level. But every single time he gets placed into the absolute last spot on our roster... which actually is making us a bit weaker right now.

Prior to his joining we previously had a weird changed order where one of the people who was listed in the 50s level was being given battle attack spot as if he was in the 90s. That never changed until DW joined, and then magically that member moved back into the lower end of the roster... but now one of our best players is being given the absolute worst spot on the roster. Go figure.

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