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Smile Quiz With Answers And Winners


1 – At what level do you require bloodstones to upgrade a guild bonus?

A – 75

2 – How many accounts can you have on each of the bloodmoon servers?

A – 1

3 – How many games have playa (bloodmoon makers) currently have released?

A – 4

4 – Who is the community manager on


5 – How Many Moderators are there on that forum?

A – 2

6 – Every few weeks playa put bloodstones on sale, how many extra do you get in Percentage?

A – 20%

7 – In Van Helsing the movie, in the end what form did van helsing take?

A – Werewolf

8 – How much honour do you receive per mission?

A – 5

9 – What is the longest mission in minutes you can take in bloodmoon?

A – 12

10 – What is the name of the gravedigger?

A – Ivan


21 – Who is the president of the usa?

A – Obama

22 – How many countries make up the United Nations?

A – 193

23 – What country is connected to the united kingdom?

A – France

24 – how is it connected?

A – Channel Tunnel

25 – Who painted mona lisa?

A – Leonardo Da Vinci

26 – What was missing from that painting?

A – Eyebrows

27 – What country had the first railway?

A – Greece

28 – Kadir nurman invented what?

A – Doner Kebab

29 – Who was the original lead singer of ‘hot chocolate’?

A – Errol Brown

30 – My television use hdmi sockets, what does hdmi stand for?

A – high definition multimedia interface

31 – What one off event took place in the London 1908 olympics

A – Bicycle Polo

32 – How many species of octopus are harmful to humans?

A – 1

33 – What name is given to the wife of an Earl?

A – Countess

34 – What US president was born in Alabama

A - None Of Them

35 – what is the name of a ‘Dear John’ Letter to a female?

A – Dear Jane

36 – what year was clint eastwoods first movie?

A – 1955

37– who played lead role in the movie ‘gladiator’?

A – Russell Crowe

38 – Who was first leader of USSR?

A – Lenin

39 – Where in the world is the largest marina?

A – California

40 – who was known as ‘the iron lady’?

A – Margaret Thatcher

1st Place..................Grogar 250 :moonstone:
2nd place .................Oomph 150 :moonstone:
3rd place..................Evoman 100 :moonstone:

Myself or admin will notify the winners on when they will be credited with the prizes, congratulations to you and commiserations to those who didnt win..... try again next time..... stay tuned for the next quiz
The Elite Order on and

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