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Default April Quiz With Results

Round 1 - The 90's

1. Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, featured heavily in the news during the 90s – but who was he married to?

2. Name both of the ‘Two Fat Ladies’ as featured in the 90s BBC2 cooking show.

3. Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ was featured in which film?

4. What was the name of the handheld digital pet which was created in the 90s and started a craze amongst children?

5. Name the 1998 Israeli and transsexual winner of the Eurovision song contest.

6. Freddie Mercury topped the charts in August 1993, two years after his death – but with which song?

7. What was the name of the housekeeper in the 90s Irish sitcom, ‘Father Ted’?

8. In which year did the Soviet Union collapse?

9. What was the name of the first cloned sheep, hitting headlines in 1996?

10. What were the first names of the FBI characters ‘Mulder’ and ‘Scully’ in TV sci-fi show the X-Files?

Round 2 - Words

1. In computing terminology, what does HTML stand for?

2. And what does SCUBA stand for?

3. Opus Dei is an institution of the Catholic Church – how does it translate into English?

4. Which word is used for the practice of studying bumps on the head in order to determine aspects of a person’s personality and character?

5. Fish is to water, as bird is to… what?

6. What connects the words ‘Wise’, ‘Large’, ‘Ball’, ‘Herring’ and ‘French’?

7. Birmingham hosts sporting and entertainment events at the N.I.A – what does N.I.A stand for?

8. What animal lives in a ‘lodge’?

9. What can you measure in ‘bundles’, ‘bales’ and ‘quires’?

10. Correctly spell ‘bureaucratic’?

Round 3 - TV & Film

1. What is the profession of Indiana Jones?

2. What was the name of the youngest child in ‘The Sound Of Music’?

3. What is the name of the ‘Hotel Inspector’ in the Channel 5 series?

4. Which cartoon character lived at 52 Festive Road?

5. In ‘To The Manor Born’, what was the name of the manor?

6. Who played Sherlock Holmes in the 2012 BBC TV adaptation ‘Sherlock’?

7. Who was the host of ‘Question of Sport’ before Sue Barker?

8. In which US TV series would you find the characters Blaine Anderson, Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel and Sue Sylvester?

9. In which film did Kathy Bates befriend Jessica Tandy in a nursing home and hear the tale of her life?

10. Which child actor saw ‘dead people’ in the Sixth Sense?

Round 4 - Food & Drink

1. What type of fish is used in the making of Worcestershire sauce?

2. Anjou, Comice and Bartlett are all types of which fruit?

3. Halloumi is a type of cheese originating from which island?

4. Which Scottish dessert consists of whipped cream, whisky, honey, raspberries and oatmeal?

5. Which beer used the slogan ‘Probably the Best Lager in the World’?

6. When did the first McDonalds fast food restaurant open in the UK – 1974, 1978 or 1982?

7. In which cocktail would you find white rum, mint leaves, lime juice, sugar and soda?

8. From which city does Coleman’s mustard hail?

9. What spirit is made from scotch whisky, honey, herbs and spices?

10. What is a young pilchard called (according to UK standards)?

Round 5 - General Knowledge

1. What nationality is tennis player Rafael Nadal?

2. How many dots are there in total on a pair of dice?

3. What was the name of the character played by Nicky Henson in Fawlty Towers episode ‘The Psychiatrist’?

4. Which famous American chef and television personality published ‘Mastering The Art Of French Cooking’ in 1961?

5. What is the capital city of Uzbekistan?

6. In the song by Lou Bega, ‘Mambo Number 5', 7 women are named in the chorus – what are they called?

7. What is a Matryoshka?

8. Which chemical element has the symbol ‘F’?

9. Who is the perpetual victim in Cluedo?

10. Who designed St. Paul’s cathedral?

Have Your Answers To Me By 24/4/14
Please Include Your Game Name And The Server You Play On

1st - 75 :moonstone:
2nd - 50 :moonstone:
3rd - 25 :moonstone:
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1st - Giulio Cesare - 75 stones
2nd - theripper - 50 stones
3rd - datalord - 25 stones
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