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Giulio Cesare
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Default Petition

Hi International players :br:

We are organazing a petition to send for mail to Playa Games to save Bloodmoon and Soccerstar, and it's important that ALL of you firm this petition.

This is the link ( in the italian forum of Soccerstar ) and it explains better the idea:

Please enroll on the Italian forum and subscribe it! :ab:
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Well, do we want updates? Do we want have a game that entice you to continue playing? Good! If you are agree in the quote there is the text that we will send to Playa Games.
You have only to sign the petizione, simply writing in the post:
"your ingame nickname - join to the petition"
In this thread I don't want to see write nothing else. We require reliability, so no spam please. Do not create any multiaccount and for further questions don't hesitate to contact me or write in the Thread "Petition SoccerStar & BloodMoon"
Spread the word in every team, server, country, forum. You will find who is already contacted in the first post. Reached an adequate number of "signs" we forward the link with the following text:

Good evening,
I would know what are your intentions about online games SoccerStar and BloodMoon. I deduct you are still alive because you update constantly Shakes & Fidget game, so I don’t understand the reason for let “die” your other two games, that until the last updates had life yet.
Many users have stopped to play, others are lefting the game with the time passing in this period.
Why? Premised that games are not bad per se, inasmuch they result (or resulted) maybe among the best “pastimes” of their respective genres. With time they are gradually substituted by others pastimes, intended also as browsergames made by other producing houses, because the users are not incentivized to continue their experiences of game as both SoccerStar and BloodMoon are affected from a penury of updates, that take the games to becoming repetitive, boring and limited to eyes of the most part of users. Users who are not more inclined and encouraged to spend money for buy stars and/or blood stones especially about your lack of consideration towards of two games in object.
The question arises spontaneously, at this point, as already anticipated at the beginning of the message, is the following:
What are your intentions with this two games?
If you begin to update constantly (or almost costantly) SoccerStar and BloodMoon too, you attract new users and consequently you have greater possibilities of earnings, perhaps inducing old and/or new users to spend their money in stars and/or blood stones. But aside to the material aspect, as the revenue cash, you will gain fame too, making sure that the name of your company is bound up with successful games.
Updating you will get a domino effect. Raise the games, will raise forums linked at them. In this way, we could propose again the old contests and games with rewards in stars and/or blood stones, that is another important factor to attract new users to begin their experience of game in your platforms.
Hoping to receive a your answer, I send my regards from the Italian Forum’s users.

The first part translated for you
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From here to sign in! as we well as the international forum of blood at the end of the petition!

From the moderator give us a hand to spread the word! : Ridere:
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I'm joining the petition as soon I'm home ^^

Is it a good idea to make a comic for more attention? XD (nah, just for the fun :3)
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Giulio Cesare
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If you want, you can do it

And remember to join us
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Old 02.11.2014, 10:26   #6
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I support the idea and petition! But i don't speak italian.
Let's keep the games ALIVE!
Beware! This is NOT a regular Werewolf!

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Insanely Powerfull and destined for Victory!

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