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Default About clans and world cities

Is there somewhere that explains about the clan battles and the cities?
Can we only have clan battles in the city that we live in?
Can we battle other clans that are of our same species?
What exactly do we get for being the top clan in the city?
If I have any other questions, I will add them.

How do we change headquarters? Who can do this?

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Most of your questions are answered under the March update discussion.
you fight only in the city you are based in
yes, you can fight against all three species (but you should not attack your own, imho)
Top clan is not as important as control of the city, what you get depends on what city you are based in

Keep in mind that if your species is in control of a city, no matter where you are based, you will get the benefits of their control when you do castle jobs in that city.

Edited to add that you can now attack guilds in other cities, so all you have to do is go to the Hall of Fame to choose a target. Whoever you attack no longer loses anything.

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I think attacking own kind is not reasonable. Because it's in your interest that your species is in the top 10 in every city. The more clans of your kind is there, the better, because the more bonuses you get in those cities when questing.

You can now fight even against clans in other cities.

For being the top clan (or generally for being in top 10 in the city) you in particular get nothing. But indirectly you and all players of your speciaes receive a city bonus for quests (exp or gold or more frequent item rewards).
It's in your and your kins' own interest that there are clans of your species in the top 10 best clans in as many cities as possible.

The leader of the clan can change HQ for .. currently it's 50,000 gold, I think.
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