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Default Storyline (spoilers)

Anybody know what the 3 factions storylines are? If you're paying attention to the boss fights you get from your sanctuary (boss fights are on the world map) it gives you a little piece of the story before and after the fight.

Hunters - Been a long time since I completed the hunters back on the old server but from what I remember there was something about a vampire/werewolf alliance, stopping something called a "blood demon". Finding, hiding and eventually killing "The Immortal" and killing off the ancient vampires.
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I have a problem with watching the story especially because the player gets to each new boss once in a few levels. In the beginning of the game you can fight bosses more frequently because you also level up faster. But now as I'm level 75, I level up every 3 days or so, so the intervals between boss fights are pretty long and I just don't remember what happened in the story before
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