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Default Jaxem & Van Helsing III On The Job (New Mods)

Youíve likely noticed the recent changes to the forum user profiles of Jaxem and Van Helsing III. These two long-standing members of the BloodMoon community - Jaxem was the 24 registrant! - have been selected as the latest Forum Moderators. Together with their help, your input and continued game developments, Playa hopes to see the community continue to increase in size like a bloated monster recently dispatched from this world.

The pair were selected for their unflappable support, deep knowledge of the game and unending understanding for fellow players and their issues. Please join me in welcoming them both to the rank of moderators. :bf:

If you havenít had the chance to converse with them, hereís their own personal introductions.

Hey Mooners.
Thanks for embracing me as a new moderator. I hope to be able to continue to answer any questions or concerns, and if I can't, I'll make something up and make it sound good. Seriously though, I have enjoyed this game since the beginning and look forward to helping it grow more.

Van Helsing III:
OMG...!!!! lol...OK...
Iíve got a few years in the New Zealand Royal Navy under my belt. The last nine years were as a military police officer, since retiring in 1991 after being shot down in Iraq. I am semi-retired and classified as disabled. I run my own IT design company based in the Caribbean with offices in NZ, USA and UK. I don't really do a lot of hands on anymore, but love to get involved in most of the projects we manage to obtain. I beta test and play games mainly. Most of my friends are in the IT field but much more intelligent than me I love to laugh and have fun and drink far too much expensive red wine...

PS: I hate the tax man. Donít move to the UK!!! That should do for now.
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