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Old 26.09.2012, 19:27   #1
Van Helsing III
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I'm not interested in all the usual tech talk gobboldy gook 3 page replies why these ideas wont work .. so save your fingers Just some plain simple ideas to get people playing again !!!

1: Let us form guild alliances with other guilds (Whatever race) and have a colour coded recognition system of friend or foe.

2: Let us battle any race in the individual HOF.

3: Implement a market where we can trade and sell at a capped rate per item.

4: If a member quits a guild have a penalty of say losing 50% of their charisma.

5: Have a challenge function for guilds and individuals to pay over the odds and have a button for accept or decline for the challenged guild/individual.

6: Introduce random "SPECIAL" missions where the player can accept or decline and make the prize and the loss greater than a normal mission.

7: For gods sake give me a job or come up with some bloody good ideas

Yours sincerely "Bored.. fed up... need a drink... someone point me in the direction of the ULTIMATE game.. PPPlleeaaassseeeee :az:
:bc: Mad Man with big black hat on the loose :bb:
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I agree. We see so many come and go. Get squeezed when hunters rise as there are fewer in relation to wolves and vampires. People quit saying things like I am bored ....or this takes too much time.
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Old 27.09.2012, 00:59   #3
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Oh wow, I'm shocked actually. I wasn't expecting this from you Van, when you were so adamant about the next patch being the life saver of this game, and here you are demanding they do something to bring life back to it, with out even seeing that patch you so strongly believe in. I'm a little amused, but I don't disagree though, well other than item # 3 I agree completely.
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Old 27.09.2012, 02:55   #4
Liz Summers
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I like almost all your ideas VH. I don't believe most are feasible for implementing but I won't get into why as you asked us to avoid that.

Anyway, thank you for finally joining us on the side that believe the game needs urgent adjustments. Although I fear by this point it is close to becoming too late for the game.

Once she led a happy life... until vampires entered into it. Now it is her life's quest to rid the world of as many of the demonic beings as she can until the day some big bad has his 'one good day'.
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Old 25.03.2013, 12:22   #5
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bloody 'ell,its taking me ages reading all this squiggly writing. i'd like to agree but to be honest,i really think stevo wont agree to be on takeshi castle:bj:
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Old 25.03.2013, 12:33   #6
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ill give em bloody takeshi castle
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Old 13.06.2015, 07:52   #7
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Okay so the gameplay is running... SAVE the SERVER! Russian server has died almost completely. Please send ads, update the server or open a new specific diasporas. International serfs is nice, something interesting, but when your own server on which I play more than 3 years died, no players, and the top is clogged with monsters LVL 750 and above - the desire to play disappears completely. Beginners especially not playing throw and month. Not arguing since last update was hype and the race... about 2-3 weeks...then it got worse. We cannot support the activity and interest solely by individual players. PLEASE HELP!
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The solutions of the problems are already being processed. Just have a little patience.
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