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Default Missions: item not rewarded

Sometimes there is a delay: the mission text (title, description, exp. points...) is loaded and visible but not the item. The best way is to click on all three missions...and click on them a second time to make sure possible items are displayed under the correct missions.

For example:

mission 1, item as reward
mission 2, no item
mission 3, no item

you click on mission 1...and donīt see the reward due to server delay...
you click on mission 2...the item of mission 1 has finished loading and becomes now visible although mission 2 is selected.

Therefore, click on all three missions a second time after having clicked on them the first order to exclude possible server delays.

Moreover, also make sure to use the latest version of Flash. Deleting your Flash cache might help, too:


1) Clear your Flash cache (highly recommended):

Go to this link and follow the instructions:

2) Log in to your account and refresh the game window (control+F5)

3) Log out and log back in

4) Update your Flash player, download the latest version from:

Hint: you don't have to go through all four steps. Just start with one and check if the latest version is displayed in the game options.

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