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Default No name yet

I just came up with this before bed last night. So please bear with me.Its probably going to be a work in progress.

I look into those amber eyes knowing what he wants.
I turn my head so he can get better angle on my neck.
Anticipating what I have wanted for so long,
Hoping it will be everything I imagined.

He gets closer, I can see his fangs sticking out.
He asks me if I am sure this is what I want;
Strange time to be questioning it now.
I nod in acceptance.

The fangs penetrate my neck,
Hes trying so hard to be gentle but the longing is overtaking him.
I can feel the blood draining from my body.
It's the best feeling i have had in a long time.

He stops, to take the gold dagger out of his pocket.
He cuts a little slit in his wrist and tells me to drink from the cut.
I drink a little more then I probably should.
I then fade to blackness.
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