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Default Awakening

The constant dripping of rain on stone interrupted the peace of the empty, dilapidated warehouse whose rubble strewn floor, rusted beams and shattered windows had seen better days. Drifting through weathered doors and between the large cracks in the aluminum walls, a light fog hovered over the lower half of the interior, softly highlighted by moonlight streaming through a variety of inlets and gently pushed by a soft breeze coming off of the nearby river. A peace that was suddenly interrupted by the grind of rock and stone, an upwelling caused by a slender, dirty hand which continued to grow and expand into the form of a woman as she pushed her way out. Shaking her head, Shyahwyn brushed off the dark earthen coat from her clothes, most of which would remain as stains for a long while.

"About time," a familiar male voice grabbed her attention, causing her deep blue eyes to turn. "Hungry?"

"Always," she grinned and took in his shadowy form perched atop a nearby beam, appearing more like a large gargoyle than a male human. "Were you nice enough to bring something or do I have to go get it myself, as always?"

His hands outstretched, the nonverbal answer all she needed to know and prompted a chuckle. "That's what I figured."

Dropping down near the vampire as she turned to head towards the distant personnel door, Ryan fell in step beside her. "So when are you going to find a real place to rest instead of this dump?" His strong hands veiled in black, leather gloves fell to his sides as they stepped over broken masonry and other refuse.

"Don't knock it. At least I don't have to keep on the move like some people."

Grinning, his long, black coat suited for someone unaccustomed to the colder weather here in New York City, flowed as her older, grey tweed coat was pulled closer over a blue, hooded jacket. Baggy, cargo pants and tan boots finished out her ensemble as she pushed the door open and smelled the city, even beyond the dark offices and other buildings around them. Closing the door, her sapphire gaze glanced down the quiet street that conjoined the long line of empty buildings, most having either gone out of business, or were used for other, more nefarious means lately. It was those that kept her fed, for who would miss one of the many criminals that skulked in the city's alleyways and side streets?

Shyahwyn glanced to Ryan, his black hair and green eyes returning the attention, "Time to hunt". In a flash, they both sprinted towards the north, along the dimly lit street and to their favorite neighborhood hunting ground. Sprinting across the lightly trafficked avenue, she continued up the fire escape of a ten story, apartment building to the ninth floor. Music pounded through one open window and she slowly reached her hand forward, crouched on the rust covered, grated platform and noticed she could pass through it which meant it wasn't owned by any of it's occupants. Perfect, she mused and glanced back to Ryan and nodded, then scanned the adjoining building for any witnesses to find none. Slipping into the party, the uninvited guests noted four males and five females which didn't have much time to react to the raid. Broken necks preceded her target trying to run for the door as she suddenly appeared before him.

"Oh baby, don't leave yet, we're just getting acquainted," she purred seductively, slender hands running up his arms, then suddenly grabbed his head and shoulder, opening the target artery and sank her fangs in. Once filled, she tossed him aside and moved to the coffee table and grabbed up all the money she could find and stuffed it into her jacket pocket, then moved on, ignoring the guns, drugs and alcohol. Passing Ryan as he finished up in the kitchen, she moved into the bedroom and rifled the dresser, then moved to the closet as he joined her. Blue orbs caught sight of the shotgun and AK-47 as well as boxes of ammunition on the top shelf.

Turning, she motioned to the weapons, "Need any more for your collection?"

"Nah," he sighed and walked into the bathroom as she continued to the nightstand and opened the drawer to find a rolled stack of hundreds which she took as well. "Think these losers have enough to get Acaunus off your back," his voice echoed from the bathroom and he turned to join her as she huffed and shrugged.

Within moments, they were gone.

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Leaping between rooftops, Shyahwyn led Ryan towards the northwestern part of the immense city, a carpet of flat, gravel covered cement broken up by large, industrial-sized air conditioning systems and other small structures that hid stairwell access. Air whipping through her white hair, making the female appear like a wraith as she flew through the air over the traffic far below. Headlights and lamp posts brightening the avenues in the city that never sleeps amid the occasional honking horn and shout echoing through the uniform valleys of stone and metal.

As she approached a lower roof, the sudden ambush from her left and behind a long line of pigeon cages knocked Shyahwyn to the ground. Her hands immediately went up to the throat as she recognized the werewolf's gaping maw, large fangs bared as it growled dripping saliva. Strong claws penetrated her coat and jacket as she squeezed, then pushed up and over knocking her assailant closer to the low wall that made up the roof's border. Fueled by her anger and will to survive, she pressed down as he tried to extend his neck to bite.

Their wrestling match shortly ended by the violent blast of a pistol and the werewolf went limp, blood splattering the ground to her right as she let go and sat up, then pushed herself to her feet again. Hot lines burned down her arms and soon stopped as the wounds quickly healed, prompting the vampire to scan the rooftop and neighboring buildings for any more of his friends.

"You okay," Ryan moved a step closer and she rested her gaze to him as he holstered his weapon.

"Yeah," she replied, panting. "Thanks," she motioned back to the beast now morphed back into his human form, the silver bullet embedded into the masonry. "Come on, before someone reports that or comes looking." Pushing passed him, she continued sprinting towards the club knowing Acaunus wasn't a very patient person when it came to his money.

Soon, she stopped at the edge of another apartment building and glanced down into the back alley below, noting the same broken lightbulbs giving more strain for the remaining lights near closed doors to vainly brighten the narrow avenue. Dumpsters and other refuse around them appeared to be the only inhabitants tonight and once satisfied, she dropped down from the eight story building and slowed her descent, arms extended. Boots lightly popped off of the wet concrete and she walked to the club's rear entrance and grabbed the knob, twisted and pulled.

Muffled music pounded on the opposite side of the distant door that ended the short hallway bordered by the kitchen and private office. Walking in, she pulled up her hood and covered her long, snow white hair and turned to notice the large bodyguard emerge from the kitchen entrance and stop.

Shaking his head, the darker tanned male grinned. "You ever going to come in here not looking like a bag lady?" He glanced to Ryan, a sandwich in his hand. "What's up with your girl, dude?"

Shyahwyn grinned and patted him on the chest, covered by a collared, white shirt and grey jacket, as she passed by. "Only for you, Ken."

Ryan chuckled as he followed, "I gave up on that task a long time ago. Though it matches her home, so."

As she reached the door, Ken's voice called out, "He's in his booth." Opening it, the beating bass matched the blue laser lights which pulsed through the sea of gyrating and bouncing heads, each their own shades of nearly every color of the rainbow. Meandering through the crowd, she avoided most as best as she could, noticing two near the bar whose heartbeat was more accelerated than most denoting either enhanced by medication or werewolves. The latter not sitting well with her as she moved around the first layer of tables and headed towards the booth as two large arms extended in front of her from either side. Stopping, she glanced over to the larger one whose ebony skin reflected the sparse light around them, his dark eyes scanning as he patted her down, then motioned for her to go on.

"How's it going, Marcus?" A friendly greeting that was met with the usual grunt and nod as he moved to Ryan who she knew wouldn't pass their initial inspection. She was on her own from here.

Blue eyes took in the pair of redheads to either side of the owner, his arm around their bare shoulders, one of the girls she thought she had seen before. Cold, steel-blue eyes met hers as Acaunus grinned. "Only reason you're here is for good news, so let's hear it," he nearly shouted over the music.

Taking out the various piles of money in her pockets and jacket, she straightened out the bills and organized them according to denomination, counting it so he didn't decide to stiff her later. Counted, she knew she was still short by two thousand and change. Leaning over, she dropped the stack onto the table and straightened again. "I can get the rest in a few days, but that's the bulk of it."

He glanced at the payment for a long moment, then back to the shabby clothed female. "Tomorrow night, or I'll collect another way. Got it?"

Grinning, she nodded quietly knowing she had little choice in the matter. "See you then." With that done, she turned and walked back to Ryan who remained with the pair of dutiful vampires and passed through them as she followed her companion back through the crowd.

"Wanna get a drink," he yelled and she shook her head. Nodding, he continued leading her out the way they had come, turning to her as they exited back into the alley. "So, what did he say?"

"Wife and kids are fine, wanted to know how you've been and why you haven't called him. He's been heartbroken at your negligence," she glanced down the alley towards the nearby avenue, knowing they would have to find another route out of here, the werewolf attacking so close to the club still didn't sit well with her.

"Right," he repied drily and followed her as she began walking again. "Which means you're still not paid up yet. I told you before, all you had to do was call me for that hunter instead of going to him. My rates are much lower by comparison." He shrugged, "But, you never listen to me."

"I'll remember that next time."

"Uh huh." Their footfalls echoed, broken up occasionally by a water puddle. "All you need to do is upgrade your gear. I happen to know a guy that's got a few guns laying around."
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Stepping from the platform into the open doors of the subway, Shyahwyn took in all the faces around her as Ryan joined the white haired vampire to sit on the lightly padded bench, back to the window. All of varying ages, she was always amazed how easy it was for her to blend into a crowd of normals. Their heartbeats pounding in her ears which made her grin. Sweet music.

"There was a time when someone stated that they would pay for me soon, returning all the times that I've flitted the bill. Just wondering what happened to her," his sarcasm mirrored her own as tan boots crossed at the ankles and nearly tripped a trio in black leather jackets, one glaring at her as he stopped.

"Move," he threatened prompting a returning stare.

"Or," she inquired, deep sapphire eyes studied his left hand lift his thick, blue hoodie to reveal the handle of a pistol. "Hmm, nice gun." Her declaration gaining the attention of many others onboard with them now as the doors slid shut and the train began moving.

Turning towards her, his face crunched into a fearsome grimace as his companions eyed Ryan who quietly listened, both hands across his lap, his own weapons well within reach. "When we get off, b****."

Shyahwyn grinned at him, "Why wait?" Pushing herself up quickly, she grabbed his arms as he tried to step back from her. "I want you now," her piercing gaze met his as she mentally intruded on his mind, penetrating his weak defenses as she had done for centuries. ~ You're going to walk away from us as if we never met. Take your friends and when you've gotten off the train, you're going to shoot them and then yourself. ~

A simple nod was all that was needed as the tall, thinner boy beside him glanced between them, "Let him go," he moved to shove her as she caught his wrist.

"It's not nice to interrupt." Letting him go, she stepped backward and sat down again, sighing. Nursing his forearm, the pair followed their leader who quietly moved to the door and waited as they approached the next stop, then pulled in to the landing. Doors slid aside and allowed the trio off as Shyahwyn watched and listened, more travelers stepping aboard and finding empty seats or standing in the center aisle.

"What did you do," Ryan inquired as he leaned over to her.

With eager anticipation, she waited until the doors again slid together two shots rang out, then a third prompting her to turn to her handsome companion and smile. "What's that?"

His mouth fell open a bit as the train sped off to it's next destination, then grinned as he shook his head. "You're evil."

"Learned from the best, you know that." Returning her gaze towards those sitting across from her, she winked at a suited man who adjusted his gold rimmed glasses, eyeing her quietly. Shyly smiling, he returned to his book and she could hear his heart's pace accelerate. Lamb for the slaughter.

Soon, they reached their own destination and Shyahwyn pushed herself up as Ryan followed suit, then moved to the door as it opened and allowed them back into cooler air, then rounded the thick column of white tile to ascend the long stair back towards the street.
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Bright lights picked out the smooth, clean hoods and bodies of cars that passed by, as well as storefronts advertising a wealth of goods and services as Shyahwyn and Ryan walked through those still out. Some whose body exuded alcohol which wafted up with the other smells of the city and it's wet concrete which failed to veil the things that she loathed.

"Ever miss the country," she finally asked as they meandered around a large group leaning against a bar's large window.

"Sometimes, yeah." She knew they could hide here better though and the wealth of opportunities for feeding were unparalleled, animals never really satisfying her. "Not sure they miss us though."

Turning to him momentarily, "I know, disappointing isn't it? Never call or write." Avoiding a line of trash cans, she spied a troupe of ladies of the night strolling in high heels and short skirts, perfume drifting behind them like the wake of a speedboat. Before she knew it, a long, black limousine pulled up beside them and she turned to see the passenger window descend and the driver lean over and motion to the rear door.

"Get in."

Stopping, she turned to him, confused as the girls she was following also stopped and approached, their heels clacking off of the sidewalk. "Why?"

"He wants to see you, get in."

Straightening, she glanced to the reflective windows and couldn't sense anyone inside, so wondered who 'he' was, then it dawned on her as her heart stopped.

"That guy referring to who I'm thinking," Ryan's concern was automatic as she walked towards the rear door and pulled it open, then glanced to the shapely girls trying to get a ride of their own.

"Think so," she replied quietly and got in, then slid over to the far side as Ryan joined her and closed the door. Within moments they were heading out with traffic and driving west. Her carefree existence quickly washed away in an instant as she leaned on her left fist, eyes blankly staring out through the window at the world passing by. Across a long bridge and eventually through another part of the immense city, she soon recognized the quieter suburbs and the forest that separated the elite from the rest of New York. Manicured lawns and tall fences denoted the money that flowed into this area and soon the driver turned into one of the long drives, then down a treelined lane to the mansion at the end of it. Rounding the circle drive, he stopped and got out, then walked around and opened the door for his passengers as Ryan led her out.

Boots quietly popped off of stone as she walked up the wide stair and to the front door, then slender finger tapped the buzzer. Wishing now she was miles away from this state, there was no turning back now, she mused.

"Probably should've changed," Ryan interjected.

"You look fine," she replied, distractedly as the click of the lock preceded the door opening to reveal the home's butler, one of many servants to the master of the house.

"I meant you."

Bowing to her, the older, gaunt looking gentleman motioned inside. "He awaits you in the parlor."

"Thanks," she walked inside and ignored Ryan's comment as blue eyes took in the lavish surroundings of marble, silver and gold filigree around large, expensive paintings rising up the sweeping staircase that commanded both walls and above the entrance to the rest of the house.

Proceeding around the large vase above a marble base which appeared like a column from ancient Rome, a red velvet couch rounded the waiting area as Shyahwyn continued under the upper railed hall to the second floor, she noticed several seated around a large table in the sunken dining area to the right of the kitchen. Most of them armed, she could tell they had been schooled in the lord's profession, their choice of guns in shoulder holsters as well as knives hidden in various other places revealed that much as did their lean frames. Vampires dealing deeper in the trades of the night.
Turning right, she headed down the long hall lined with doors to various other rooms.

Ryan slowed, "I'll just hang out here with them."

"Thanks," she replied drily and soon reached the door to the one she had tried to avoid for a very long time. The power the man held seeped under the door and through the very walls in this immense home situated on the banks of the Atlantic. Taking a deep breath, she reached for the door's brass handle and pushed down, then opened the door and stepped in.

Seated quietly in his favorite, high backed chair, the slicked dark hair reflected the firelight pouring from the large hearth at the room's outside wall, centered between to tall, bullet shaped windows based with comfortable couches. Book-filled shelves completed the room's surrounding wall as she approached from behind him, hands fidgeting before her as she watched his own hands on the fluted wine glass, forefinger gently coursing around a ridge in thought.

"Hi Daddy."
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You got skills girl
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"Have a seat," his deep voice finally cut into the crackling of the fire, a command that she couldn't ignore and promptly walked around to the left, circling a long couch that faced the blazing hearth. Being the only light in the room, it gave everything an eerie orange glow.

Shyahwyn sat down in the middle of the thickly padded couch, hands in her lap as she sighed, blue eyes to the table and stared at nothing in particular.

"So," he began, his authoritative voice demanding an answer to a question that should already be known. She hated when he did this.

Turning to him, she finally took in the clean shaven, strong features and those piercing, steel-blue eyes. "How've you been?"

A wry grin arced upon his pale face. "Cut to the chase, you've been busy. I have ears and eyes all over my city and rumor has it that you've been hitting a few places near Harlem. Why?"

"Need to eat," she stated, her amusement and fear of her father quickly waning. This wasn't a social call, though visits with Moyatar rarely were. "Where else should I go?"

Lowering his fluted glass of wine, he set it on the arm of his chair. "You're being sloppy. Not the daughter that I've trained for so long. What happened to you?"

Sighing, she turned slightly to the right, facing him. "Nothing," brow furrowed slightly. "What have you heard other than a few druggies being accosted?"

He finally turned to the end table and set his glass upon it, then crossed his left ankle over right knee. "Alright, you want to play it this way. I'm game. How much do you still owe him?"

Her mouth fell open slightly; she should've known better than to try and keep this from her father. Idiot. Turning her blue eyes back to the fireplace, she smirked. "Two thousand and some change. I'll get it, don't worry." Turning her attention back to him, she could tell he was already planning on making a call and settling her debt. "It's mine to deal with, so let me."

Shaking his head, Moyatar chuckled as strong hands settled on his leg. "You already knew that wasn't going to happen, nice try." He moved to the side slightly, his white button-up wrinkled a bit. "I'm tired of waiting, it's time for you to take your place in the business. I've already made arrangements to get things rolling. Thugs like Acaunus will be working for you instead of the other way around." He inhaled deeply and let it out. "You've been playing long enough," his eyes glancing to her clothes. "And this is also unacceptable."

"Had I known I'd be seeing you, I would've at least showered."

"Well then, welcome home. Shower's ready as are all the clothes in your closet."

Smiling, she pushed herself up from the couch, walked over to his right side and leaned over, planting a kiss on his forehead. "Love you too."
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