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Question Bonuses

How do the bonuses work? I am in a city that is supposed to give 67% bonus points on XP. I got 33 extra XP points on a mission. Is there something we are not being told?
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They work simply. If you do a quest in a city where you are supposed to get for example a 50% bonus to exp, and the base value of exp for the quest is 100, you get 150 exp.

If you are in a clan that has, let's say 25% bonus on exp, you get 100 exp as the base value + 50 exp as the city bonus + 25 exp as the clan bonus.

In your case it's hard to say if the game computes the values incorrectly. You would have to tell us what was the base reward for the quest or what was the total reward you received, and whether you were in a clan and what bonus the clan provided at the time of the quest.

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